21 year old Manchester City striker and Italian footballer who is on in Ibiza vacation spent over £4,000 in a club.
Ballotelli hired a VIP table for about 20 guests which set him back to that amount.
Accoding to the bar boss, Wayne Lineker, 49, tweeted: “Wicked night. His bill was the biggest anyone has ever had in 25 years in any Linekers.”
Lineker’s new Ocean Beach Club on the Spanish party island of Ibiza has already been visited by
other players including Joe Hart, Andy Carroll, Michael Carrick and Danny Welbeck.


After Ballotelli demanded for a paternity test and stating clear that there was no hope of reconciliation between himself and his pregnant ex-girlfriend Rafaella Fico, the girlfriend has gone on to write an open letter to the Italian Footballer.
The letter is published in the current edition of Italian Weekly magazine Chi.
Here is what she wrote;
This child I desire with all my heart and I want it because it is not a child that arrived by chance but instead it is the fruit of love between two people and you know well what I am talking about.
This letter was the only way I could speak to you. I am happy to take the DNA test but I still
have the text messages you sent me from Krakow (during Euro 2012) in which you said you were happy with the news I had given you.
Even if the events of life have separated us you will be a present and responsible father, as well as one being full of love for his child. You know full well where to find me and I will always be ready to speak with you about the future of your child. Of our child.”
I’m writing this letter because I was left deeply hurt as a woman but also as a mother by what you said in your cold statement.
I find it unfair on your part that you wrote (if you indeed did write it) the insinuation that I was cashing in on the birth of our child.
Dear Mario, and allow me to call you that, I have not been paid for any interview in which I spoke highly of you and of the life together I
wanted and where I confirmed rumours that I was pregnant – my tummy is getting bigger all the time and it’s not easy to hide.
Apparently,the only way these two can talk is through the social medIa.


The 21- year old footballer is not happy with his ex-girlfriend at the moment. Mario Balotelli demands paternity test from
pregnant ex-girlfriend.
His ex-girlfriend Rafaella Fico(24) seemd to have lied about Balotell being responsible for her 4 months pregnancy.
Balotelli insists on doing a patenity test before accepting responsibility for the unborn baby.
According to the press release,
‘A few days ago I learned from third parties that
Raffaella was pregnant. So I decided to contact
her and it was only after I had questioned her that
she confirmed it was true. I am very disappointed
as I don’t think it is right that I should learn this
after four months.’
‘I will accept full responsibility after a paternity
test. I don’t really want to speak publicly about my
private life but I find that I have to explain once
and for all, the nature of my relationship with
Raffaella Fico. We split up in April and since then
we have not seen or spoken to each other. I had
nothing more to do with Raffaella’s life and she
had nothing more to do with mine.’
Raffaella knew then and she knows now, that I
have no intention of getting back together with
her. Out of respect for her I have never spoken
about our relationship, even when things have
been said that are not true.”I don’t understand
why Raffaella did not contact me to tell me about
this – and I also find it disappointing that money is
already being made from this with photographs
and interviews being bought and sold.’
‘I believe that Raffaella is already famous enough
without having to exploit this story for publicity.
This is the last time I am going to speak about this
and I have no intention of responding or replying
to anything Rafella writes or says”.
Oh well…………..