A Russian Buran space shuttle with a payload to orbit specification of 3,810kg (53,600 lb) has
been acquired to transport the President of Nigeria,President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to space.
President Goodluck in going to the moon would be the first president ever to visit the space and the moon.
According to a presidential spokesperson, the mission will establish Nigeria as one of the super-
powers of the world.
While reactions to the purported journey are mixed, according to critics, the journey since there is nothing of economic importance on the moon,
ordinary Nigerians have decried the mission calling it a flagrant waste of resources and ill- timed at best – considering the crisis currently
plaguing the nation.
The Minister of Information Mr Laraban Maku in reaction however said,that the
President can rule from anywhere in the Universe.
The spacecraft named Space-Force 1would be painted in the colours of the nigerian flag.
Meanwhile,it is not yet confirmed if the First Lady would also make the historic journey with him.


The First Lady of Nigeria,Dame Patience Jonathan received an award Tourism Ambassador for Africa award United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)
She was given the award due to her monumental commitment and support for women in tourism.
Presenting the award to her was the Secretary-General Mr. Talik Rifai, during the 53rd meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Africa that held in Calabar
During her speech she pledged her self to mobilise women and the youth in order to achieve the organisation goal across the continents,also that tourism can be used to improve African economies and fight poverty.


Its no longer news that our President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has renamed one of the country’s best University.
University of Lagos is now to known as MKO Abiola university after Moshood Kashimawo olawale Abiola .
The president made this change today the Democracy Day.
Instead of our president concentrating on improving the standards of the university,and awarding scholarships to students,he is busy renaming universities.
Goodluck jonathan reign has been nothing but one surprise after the other;increasing fuel price on new year day,increasing phcn billings and now renaming university.
It is most glaring from this that a shoe-less president is a sure -less one. He has once again proven that he has no viable projects for Nigerians.
What if he changes the name of Nigeria on Independence Day?
Hope the president does not change the name of the other universities to
1)University of ibadan-lamidi adedibu university
2)Niger delta university-GEJ university
3)University of Abuja-Umaru Musa Yar’adua University
Add yours too.

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