Miley Cyrus’ Nude Pictures!

So many and more pictures of Miley Cyrus The Miss Wrecking Ball,among these nude(and almost nude pictures) include her;picture from the wrecking ball video,Rolling stone magazine cover photo which was captioned ‘Good Golly Miss Miley’,Her album ‘Bangerz’ artcover,backstage picture with her tongue out,her picture while performing at Las Vegas for the iHeartradio music radio festival,the baddest of all her mtv video music viedo awards picture with Robin Thicke,her bikini picture while on vacation with her ex Liam Hemsworth amongst others.


One thought on “Miley Cyrus’ Nude Pictures!

  1. As we sat in this crowded cafe’ filled with musicians, artists, writers & broadway actors & I looked into her sparkling beautiful blue eyes & I wished I could trade my green eyes for her blue eyes, silly isn’t it as I confess this to the world. A once private moment becomes so public as I recall her looking out the front windows of our cafe’, the cold rain continued to pour outside. My nervous fingers handed her small set of purple & gold flowers & box of half eaten chocolates, most of which were eaten by my energetic 4 year old son but she didn’t seem to mind it so much with her warm smile. As a writer, I’ve written for various writer’s who often get a common writers block, & then to satisfy my loyal followers, I was forced to write a dark fantasy novel “Londenberg by Lord Biron” in order to find rest but then to hear a friend of mine, Tom Clancy passed away, I was sad once again, but she was there for me. She knew I wasn’t completely honest, as a matter of fact, the name I gave her was false one & she only knew me as an anonymous writer with a colorful tatoo of “LSU” above my right ankle. She knew I was on my way to do more charity work in hopes to make the world a better world & she was waiting for her plane flight. And in the background played a song, “Adam Lambert what do you want from me the acoustic version”, & for a second we got up & slowly danced as the crowd whistled & cheered, closing our eyes the world seemed so far away as if we both were in slow motion, the smell of her perfume & her soft voice enveloped around me in a cloud. We both knew our time together would be short lived, after all they needed her more than she needed me, she was a star & I was a writer. As my heart began to sink & rip open with pain, my vision soon became clouded. I regained my composure because like all men, I couldn’t be honest & tell her how I truely felt about her. I covered her shoulders with my warm brown leather jacket & said, “Maybe this will help to protect your heart from this cruel world, my love.” But I soon watched her smile soon begin to fade as the wooden clock on ticked past noon & her soft touch of her fingers also soon faded from my hands as she looked out the window once more. I looked up to her as I sat back down into a sturdy wooden chair as I could hear her whisper, “what do you want for me” as she grabbed the words of the song & made it into a serious question. I could never ask her & I could never tell her the truth as I remained silent allowing the pain to boil up inside of me, tearing me apart, I knew she was about to leave. With her blue eyes she looked deep into my green eyes, and I said, “your feathers are too bright to keep you here with me.” And I could hear her take a deep breath as I closed my eyes and then I heard the door bell of the cafe’ & she walked out of my life…as the pain washed over me & as a man I watched love walk out of my life….but I could never tell her how I truly feel & I could never ask her to stay…

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