The most prestigious model competition is here again. Elite Model Look is the most renowned
international modeling contest that attracts
more than 350,000 participants every year
coming from 800 cities, 70 countries and 5
continents. It is unique in providing the
opportunity for young girls to enter the
fashion world, become models and make
fabulous careers.
Elite Model Look competition is a prestigious
event open to beginners with a professional
aim: discovering the new talents who will
become the worlds next top models.
Supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Gisele
Bundchen, Chika Emmanuella all emerged from
this platform.
Elite Model Look Nigeria is a franchise owned
by BETH Model Management. They are
responsible for the production of the annual
Elite Model Look Nigeria competition. The
EMLN 2012 winner, 17 year old Moyinoluwa
Arowoshola in less than one year has been
featured on several fashion platforms such as
VOGUE Italia, Vanity Fair Italia, MANGO
fashion show, M.A.C Cosmetics, MTN Lagos
Fashion and Design Week, Music Meets
Runway to mention a few.
Aquafina in conjunction with Elite Model Look
Nigeria 2013 will be touring Lagos City this
August to embark on the search for the next
supermodel. Be on the look out for EMLN
Model scouts this month.
Date : Saturday 31st August 2013
Venue: Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island,
Time: 11AM – 3PM
1. Applicants should be female
2. All applicants are expected to come to
the venue with two pictures of
themselves; a headshot and portrait size
3. Applicants should come in outfits that
would accentuate their figures (Tank
tops,black leggings, jeggings or skinny
4. Applicants should come to the casting
venue with their natural hair.
5. No Makeup, No False Lashes & No
weaves allowed.
6. If you are under the age of 18, please
note that a letter of authorization is
required at the casting venue OR a
chaperon to accompany you as either a
family member or guardian.
At the end of the casting, 50 contestants
would be pre-selected and narrowed down to
12 finalists who will go on to participate and
compete at the finale in September.
The EMLN 2013 winner will represent Nigeria
alongside 80 other countries and will stand a
chance of winning $150,000 USD at Elite
Model Look International finals in China on
Wednesday 27th November 2013.
Other prizes include:
A chance to win a modelling contract with
Elite Model Management Worldwide
An All-Expense paid trip to Paris
$1,000 Shopping Spree
Registration is absolutely FREE!!!
For more info contact: 08091892258 | Like
them on Facebook | Twitter- @elite_ng
To apply visit
Elite Model Look Nigeria 2013 is proudly
sponsored by BellaNaija, Aquafina, Etisalat,
Montaigne Place & black Up

15 Year Old Student Rapes His Female Teacher In Classroom

A 14-year-old schoolboy has been jailed after he barricaded his teacher inside a classroom then laughed as he sexually assaulted her.
Desperate colleagues tried to break down the door when they heard the teacher screaming for help but could not stop the boy, now 15, from Wrexham.
Staff fought their way into the school’s
computer room and pulled the ‘distressed and terrified’ teacher to safety.
The teenager, who admitted sexual assault and was sentenced to four years’ youth detention, had put his hand up her skirt and forced himself on her.
Prosecutor Karl Scholz told Mold Crown
Court: ‘The teacher and the boy were in the classroom when he closed the door and snapped the latch shut.
‘He told her he had things on his mind and took hold of her and hugged her.
‘She managed to get away and wanted to leave the room but realized the door was locked.
‘The schoolboy then put his hand up the
teacher’s skirt and carried out a serious sexual assault on her.’
Mr Scholz said staff outside could hear their colleague scream and the boy laughing.
When they eventually got in the teacher was ‘very distressed’ and had a ‘terrified’ expression on her face.
Mold Crown Court was told the teacher
had been unable to return to work since the horrific school sex attack at the 700-pupil high school in North Wales.
The schoolboy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had previous convictions for two
sexual assaults and was on bail for a third when he attacked his teacher.
Steven Edwards, defending, said the boy had suffered a difficult childhood and had been the victim of abuse.
Judge Greg Bull QC told the schoolboy: ‘You attacked one of your teachers, barricaded her into the computer room and forced yourself on her.
‘It was a terrifying experience for a woman who was only there to try and help you.’
The teenager was also placed on the sex
offenders’ register for life.
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Justin Timberlake Reveals The Complete Track List Of His Upcoming Album’The 20/20 Experience’

Justin Timberlake today released the complete tracklist of his album to his followers on his Instagram., he revealed that “#The2020Experience#2of2 track listing is being revealed today!! #
He then posted 11 videos on Instagram through the day; he wrote the tracks of the album in his sketchbook one by one.
The Complete tracklist of the album which drops on 30 of September 2013 was revealed after 8 hours(following comments on each track by his followers)
“Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)”
“True Blood”
“Take Back the Night”
“Drink You Away”
“You Got It On”
“Only When I Walk Away”
“Not a Bad Thing”.


The super sexy and talented star actress turns 30 today. Mila who is from Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian named the most sexiest woman in the world is also engaged to Ashton Kutcher.
E! compiled this list:30 Reasons to Love Mila Kunis on Her 30th Birthday
falling in love with Mila Kunis.
1. She was in a Lisa Frank commercial in the early ’90s.
2. She isn’t afraid to get her PDA on with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.
3. She speaks fluent Russian. A power she uses for good and not evil. Like defending Justin Timberlake against reporters in Moscow.
4. But she still thinks Russian sounds like
5. Because she’s adorable being interviewed by awkward interviewers.
6. She likes crêpes.
7. She voices Meg on Family Guy.
8. No really, she’s the voice of Meg. And she loves it.
9. She makes for one hell of a Wicked Witch. Disney
Even if the rest of the movie wasn’t so great.
10. Which is cool considering the first book she read in English was Return to Oz. And she was the understudy to Glinda the Good Witch
in her 4th grade play.
11. She lied about her age to book That 70’s Show.
Larsen & Talbert/FOX
She said she was “legally emancipated or 18.”
She wasn’t either.
12. Because a Marine asked her out via
YouTube and she said yes.
13. And then she actually went out with him. Mila was Sgt. Scott Moore’s date for the
Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, N.C.
For the record, he said she was a “blast.”
14. She inspired the stupidest meme on the Internet: Mila and Words. Which is just pictures of Mila Kunis and words.
15. Because this is what she had to say about appearing on Baywatch as a kid: “I was on Baywatch twice. The second time, I played a
blind girl who’s lost in the forest next to the beach and needs to be saved. It was absurd: There’s a fire, I get saved, and then I go boogie-boarding. I remember thinking, ‘Well, if I’m blind, how am I boogie-boarding?’ No one ever gave me an answer.”
16. She was blind in one eye for many years and no one knew.
She’s not anymore.
17. She’s friends with a literal princess.
Princess Beatrice, to be exact. And they
vacation together in St. Tropez.
18. She was adorable in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
19. She was adorable in Ted.
20. She was adorable in this video of her
eating at a Dodger’s game.
21. She was terrifying…but sexy…but
terrifying…but sexy! in Black Swan.
22. She’s pretty all made up.
Tom Munro for Allure
23. She’s pretty without makeup.
24. She’s really, really pretty when she goes to the Oscars.
25. Which is all probably because she’s the Sexiest Woman Alive.
According to Esquire, at least.
26. Even though she’s the Sexiest Woman Alive, she’s modest about it.
“I showed side boob. I don’t need to show ass,” she’s said about stripping down for movies. “You get one or the other. You don’t need both.”
27. She’s generally all around humble,
actually. Which she credits to being a child star.
“If I ever, even for a second, started getting a big head, I was brought back to reality pretty quickly. I was working full time and
still had to fight for a cellphone. Then the car thing came around. Oh my God! You would have
thought I was asking for a private jet! I
kicked and screamed and I got my stupid car.
Then I did something dumb and my parents took my keys away. I told them, ‘But I have to go to work tomorrow!’ And they said, ‘You’ll
figure it out.’ Yeah, those are my parents—and that’s why I’m pretty grounded.”
28. She’s super close to her parents still and regularly hangs out with them.
29. Because she’s Mila frickin’ Kunis.
30. And because it’s her birthday! Happy
Birthday, Mila!
We love you!

(MUSIC REVIEW)GOOD Kid Gone Mad: Kendrick Lamar Reaps The Benefits OF Being A Fearless Rapper

Kendrick Lamar, the Compton-based
rapper, has set the hip-hop world ablaze
with his latest battle rhyme.
The Compton born rapper set Twitter
ablaze Monday night after hip-hop heads
around the web caught wind of his battle
rhyme for the ages on “Control,” a seven
minute song also featuring Big Sean and
Jay Electronica. Did a west coast rapper
really call himself King of New York? Did
a rap rookie really put himself on the same
scale as Jay-Z and Nas? And did he really
call his hip-hop peers out by name and vow
to annihilate their careers?
Spitting out some of the most
braggadocious lines in recent rap history,
Lamar (crowned by MTV as the “Hottest
MC in the Game” in 2012) is now said to
have the best verse of 2013.
Many have reduced Lamar’s verse to a diss
track that has compelled countless rappers
to respond via Twitter. But others, myself
included, are intrigued by how awe-
inspiring Lamar seems to be to rap
veterans, his contemporaries and hip-hop
heads. This verse is a mere extension of
him constantly pushing the envelope and
operating outside the box.
From the second that Lamar’s verse begins,
the poetry kicks in. It’s that celestial,
“from two planets away” voice that has
become his signature sound. The vocabulary
is simple but the ideas are complex. Every
line is overpacked, forcing the listener to
take them apart piece by piece in order to
understand the metaphors. ”Miscellaneous
minds are never explaining their minds/
Devilish grin for my alias aliens to
respond/ Peddlin’ sin, thinking’ maybe when
you get old you realize/ I’m not gonna fold
or demise.”
Lamar is an unapologetic lyricist who
masterfully weaves words and images
together in the art of hip-hop story-telling.
His language is often explicit and vulgar,
loaded with N-words and the like, but he is
a griot of this generation. When Lamar
opens his mouth, he brings the reality of
the grimy, gritty streets of America into
the mainstream with him.
When he says “I’m Makaveli’s offspring,
I’m the king of New York / King of the
Coast, one hand, I juggle them both,” he’s
not simply dethroning Jay-Z or Nas. He’s
evoking rap history through the memory of
hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and
Notorious B.I.G.
Lamar, unlike many of his rap peers,
understands that his competition is not only
his contemporaries but also the greats that
proceed him. He’s “trying to raise the bar
high” in order to call hip-hop back to its
more organic self, reminding other artists
that it was “black hoodie rap” that put
many of the legends on the map and not the
rampant materialism found on radio
stations today. Joining a chorus of people
who blamed New York rappers for Lamar’s
lyrical audacity, rapper Joe Budden asked
via Twitter, “Where’s old NY?”
The verse has already gotten over 8 replies
already from mainstream & the
underground artistes, three replies from
B.O.B, Lupe Fiasco & Joell Ortiz of
Slaughter house.
Some may say that Lamar went too far. He
definitely went to the edge of rap social
etiquette: “I heard the barbershops be in
great debates all the time / Bout who’s the
best MC – Kendrick, Jigga and Nas.” But it
goes without question that he’s taking his
craft to new lyrical heights and he is
pushing his contemporaries to do the same.
At a stage in any rappers career every
rapper is supposed to feel like Kendrick
feels at the moment.. As far as wanting to
murder niggas on the mic and being one of
the best if not the best.
Same way M.I Abaga felt when he
recorded ‘Undisputed’ & ‘Number One’, I
mean that feeling that you’re are immortal,
untouchable! Cockiness has to come in.
A 26 year old rapper from compton
claiming to be the ‘King Of New York’..
Back then a rapper dare not try such, else
he’d have his ass fried and put together
with glue.
At a time when so much of rap music is
about profit generating, Lamar is that
“breath of fresh air” that Lupe Fiasco was
once described as. There’s no artistic risk
he seems unwilling to take. He’s not married
to conformity. He’s not invested in rap
solely for commercial success. If one word
explains why he stands out from the pack,
it’s “fearless.” Kendrick Lamar is reaping
the benefits of courage.
No doubt this would go down as one of the
most controversial Rap/Hip-Hop verses
Article Compiled & Written By: My
humble self & Uchendu Chigbogu (@