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Hey y’al, its SugaRush 🙂

Before we go into GREASE for today….

Do you like the new look of the blog? 😀

To celebrate, today’s GREASE is long enough!!

Alright! Without any further ado, welcome to Episode 7 🙂


“Michelle! Michelle! Please where are you? I am stuck at 3rd Mainland bridge. Please come and pick me”, Anita hurriedly said, as she slowed down her pace, for her to speak properly.

“Wait!!! You are in Lag and you didn’t tell me ehn?? And what in fuck’s name are you doing at 3rd Mainland bridge, in the night??”, Michelle’s voice sounded stronger, with a stint of sarcasm, lacing her words.

“Michelle, I can’t explain right now, some car is chasing me! The boy I came with to Lag, dumped me here! Please come and get me!!!”, the panic in Anita’s voice picked up, as she saw the car approaching again.

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