Ok Denrele we know you as a crazy dresser with a mad style but aren’t you taking this a bit too far.
Are you trying to look like Charly Boy aka Area Father in this make-up.
We know you for your androgynous dressing but this is out of it,why the full blown and heavy makeup?Well is this is a sort of confession or are you trying to come out of the closet?
Whether straight or gay,we still love you denrele edun
Drop your comments

6 thoughts on “PHOTO:IS DENRELE GAY?

  1. he’s not gay, it’s a stunt. I know a stunt when i see one. denrele and charlie boy has a photo where they kissed, it went viral sometime ago. it’s all a stunt

  2. I love this dude I swear it! I watched him co host the Big Brother StarGame show and he was exceptionally amazing! Funny, he looks really gorgeous with this makeup o! Some babes no fine reach am sha

  3. u people ar all bastards n not tru nigerians you are all crazy goddamn gays your place in hell is assured……both serena n debola…wat u stupid lezbians i guess, is that this stupid culture can not be acceptd in nigeria

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